Sunday, 8 November 2009

What to do when you run out of ideas?

Sulk of course!! - i have desperatey been trying to come up with some new and original ideas for some more christmas Amigurumi (i am trying to steer clear of the whole santa, penguin and snowman thing! as etsy seems to be inundated with them) and have been asking around and nobody has been able to help, so i have been sulking for the last 10 days or so!
I can't believe that christmas is so near - but i have been super organised and have all my presents ready so i am not caught out last minute. There have been a couple of disasters though - i ordered my annual scottish terrier calendar and when it turned up i had ordered a 2009 one which had to go back (why would anyone want last years calendar?) and my friend has recently had a beautiful baby boy, so i ordered a plate, bowl and cup set and when that turned up i had infact ordered the girls one, so that also had to be returned!
i have done all my shopping online as i hate battling through the crowds and trying to avoid temptation, but may have to venture out if i carry on ordering like this!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Toy soldier amigurumi

I have recently been struggling a bit to come up with new and original christmas amigurumi ideas - i have been trying to think of something that hasn't been done before, and it proved quite difficult. After unsuccessfully coming up with anything i asked my husband james what he thought i should crochet - A toy soldier was his reply. Being a girl i have never owned a toy soldier before and wasn't quite sure exactly what one should look like, so after trawling internet pictures and the odd bit of input from james i think i have come up with a corker. Once i got started i just couldn't stop adding detail!! first the epaulettes, then the detail on the hat and then i even crocheted som brass buttons to go on the front of the uniform!
I have listed him for sale on etsy and will be adding the pattern pdf soon!! x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mrs Claus bear

Finished! my Mrs claus Christmas bear- she has been a long time coming due to my cold, but good things come and all that. She is available for purchase in my etsy store and i will be listing the pattern very soon for you to have a go at making your own if you like!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Hamishs' haircut

here are a few pictures of Hamish after i gave him his last haircut before winter - isn't he handsome!!
I haven't been able to post for a while as i have been sick with a horrible flu like virus. This also means i haven't been able to crochet (boo hoo) so my Etsy store is still looking really bare. On the upside though, i have been working on a lovely, cute and cuddly cristmas 'Mrs claus' bear - she is just like the 'James' bear (named after my lovely husband!) but has on a gorgeous red dress with white trim and a mop cap of the same design-pictures to be posted soon when she is complete!
i am really looking forward to christmas this year and have nearly finished my christmas shopping (super eager i know!). Making the 'Mrs claus' bear has really got me into the christmas spirit and i am probably more excited that Rosie!!!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

PDF done at last!!!

Wey-heyyyyy - at last the Felicity mouse PDF file is completed and up for grabs in my etsy store!!

Felicity mouse now on Etsy

I have been crocheting flat out for the last 2 days to make a couple of amigurumi mice which i have now decided to call Felicity - i think the name just fits and they are absolutely gorgeous. I am now trying to decide what to make next, the mice are just soooo cute i may make little boy mice to go with them...... Even though i have really been putting it off i have just GOT to get to work on the pdf file for the mouse pattern.
I went out for a walk this morning really early with Hamish through the fields that we live by, and he went straight over to the mole hills to have a bit of a dig, he always does this and while he was there i thought - what about a really cute little amigurumi mole? i am already thinking which cute animal to make next - Rosie is obsessed with ice age 3 and has suggested a dinosaur or mammoth, but they're not very cute at all!!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

sooooooo cute!!

I know i have posted an item today, but i have just got to let you know that i have nearly finished the cutest little amigurumi ever!!! it is a little doormouse in a party dress and i am not sure what to call her yet...... all ideas are welcome!! i usually come up with the name as i finish them - it just comes to me all of a sudden. i will post a picture on here very soon - i've just got to finish making the arms and legs - i'm so excited!!!!!!!

Hooray - things in my Etsy store at last!!!

I have at last managed to get my amigurumis for sale in my etsy store, well 3 of them anyway - it is quite a lengthly process listing them. I will have to try to get the rest on later today, or tomorrow. So far i have listed - a cute cupcake, a lovly little teddy bear and my favourite, santas little helper (which i have posted a photo of as i am really proud of it!). I am currently working on getting some of my patterns made into a PDf file, but as i am not too good with computers, we all went for a trip out to pc world yesterday to buy a copy of how to use microsoft publisher. My daughter Rosie was soooooo bored looking that we had to buy her a spongebob computer game to keep her occupied whilst we hunted! - she is better on computers than me!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Just starting out with my Etsy store........At last!!!!

Hi everybody - my name is Tiff, and i am addicted to crochet, well amigurumi to be precise. It is a hobby i have been doing for some time now and even my 5 year old daughter is dying to get started (the only problem is she is left handed and i am right!!). Lately i have been creating my own amigurumi patterns and am in the process of making them into PDF files (which is proving to be a bit of a nightmare - so any advice would be more that welcome!!!) and getting them ready to place on Etsy in my store. I will also be starting to put up pictures on flickr very soon. My current creation is called 'Santas little helper' and is looking absolutely adorable - just need to give him some legs now and he will be ready just in time for the festive season! Aswell as amigurumi, my other great passion are scottish terriers, i have one myself called Hamish. He is the cutest, fiesties, stubbornest (if thats how you spell it) and most protective dog i have ever come accross and we love him to bits. I have put a picture of him on here for you to see for yourself - this was taken last winter in our backyard and my daughter Rosie loved all the snow - i don't know who was having the better time!! Bye for now x x