Thursday, 24 September 2009

PDF done at last!!!

Wey-heyyyyy - at last the Felicity mouse PDF file is completed and up for grabs in my etsy store!!

Felicity mouse now on Etsy

I have been crocheting flat out for the last 2 days to make a couple of amigurumi mice which i have now decided to call Felicity - i think the name just fits and they are absolutely gorgeous. I am now trying to decide what to make next, the mice are just soooo cute i may make little boy mice to go with them...... Even though i have really been putting it off i have just GOT to get to work on the pdf file for the mouse pattern.
I went out for a walk this morning really early with Hamish through the fields that we live by, and he went straight over to the mole hills to have a bit of a dig, he always does this and while he was there i thought - what about a really cute little amigurumi mole? i am already thinking which cute animal to make next - Rosie is obsessed with ice age 3 and has suggested a dinosaur or mammoth, but they're not very cute at all!!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

sooooooo cute!!

I know i have posted an item today, but i have just got to let you know that i have nearly finished the cutest little amigurumi ever!!! it is a little doormouse in a party dress and i am not sure what to call her yet...... all ideas are welcome!! i usually come up with the name as i finish them - it just comes to me all of a sudden. i will post a picture on here very soon - i've just got to finish making the arms and legs - i'm so excited!!!!!!!

Hooray - things in my Etsy store at last!!!

I have at last managed to get my amigurumis for sale in my etsy store, well 3 of them anyway - it is quite a lengthly process listing them. I will have to try to get the rest on later today, or tomorrow. So far i have listed - a cute cupcake, a lovly little teddy bear and my favourite, santas little helper (which i have posted a photo of as i am really proud of it!). I am currently working on getting some of my patterns made into a PDf file, but as i am not too good with computers, we all went for a trip out to pc world yesterday to buy a copy of how to use microsoft publisher. My daughter Rosie was soooooo bored looking that we had to buy her a spongebob computer game to keep her occupied whilst we hunted! - she is better on computers than me!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Just starting out with my Etsy store........At last!!!!

Hi everybody - my name is Tiff, and i am addicted to crochet, well amigurumi to be precise. It is a hobby i have been doing for some time now and even my 5 year old daughter is dying to get started (the only problem is she is left handed and i am right!!). Lately i have been creating my own amigurumi patterns and am in the process of making them into PDF files (which is proving to be a bit of a nightmare - so any advice would be more that welcome!!!) and getting them ready to place on Etsy in my store. I will also be starting to put up pictures on flickr very soon. My current creation is called 'Santas little helper' and is looking absolutely adorable - just need to give him some legs now and he will be ready just in time for the festive season! Aswell as amigurumi, my other great passion are scottish terriers, i have one myself called Hamish. He is the cutest, fiesties, stubbornest (if thats how you spell it) and most protective dog i have ever come accross and we love him to bits. I have put a picture of him on here for you to see for yourself - this was taken last winter in our backyard and my daughter Rosie loved all the snow - i don't know who was having the better time!! Bye for now x x