Thursday, 24 September 2009

Felicity mouse now on Etsy

I have been crocheting flat out for the last 2 days to make a couple of amigurumi mice which i have now decided to call Felicity - i think the name just fits and they are absolutely gorgeous. I am now trying to decide what to make next, the mice are just soooo cute i may make little boy mice to go with them...... Even though i have really been putting it off i have just GOT to get to work on the pdf file for the mouse pattern.
I went out for a walk this morning really early with Hamish through the fields that we live by, and he went straight over to the mole hills to have a bit of a dig, he always does this and while he was there i thought - what about a really cute little amigurumi mole? i am already thinking which cute animal to make next - Rosie is obsessed with ice age 3 and has suggested a dinosaur or mammoth, but they're not very cute at all!!!!

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