Sunday, 8 November 2009

What to do when you run out of ideas?

Sulk of course!! - i have desperatey been trying to come up with some new and original ideas for some more christmas Amigurumi (i am trying to steer clear of the whole santa, penguin and snowman thing! as etsy seems to be inundated with them) and have been asking around and nobody has been able to help, so i have been sulking for the last 10 days or so!
I can't believe that christmas is so near - but i have been super organised and have all my presents ready so i am not caught out last minute. There have been a couple of disasters though - i ordered my annual scottish terrier calendar and when it turned up i had ordered a 2009 one which had to go back (why would anyone want last years calendar?) and my friend has recently had a beautiful baby boy, so i ordered a plate, bowl and cup set and when that turned up i had infact ordered the girls one, so that also had to be returned!
i have done all my shopping online as i hate battling through the crowds and trying to avoid temptation, but may have to venture out if i carry on ordering like this!