Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New things

lately, i have been thinking of lots of new things to make. I hve purchased a huuuuuuge amount of wool and am now in the process of making some really luxurious cushion covers for my etsy/folksy shops! The wool that i have ordered is debbie bliss and is 100% pure merino wool and it is an absolute joy to crochet with as it is so soft (and no squeaking whatsoever, not like with acrylic yarn). I am now a stealth crocheter!!
To use up some of my (rather large) acrylic wool stash, i made a really cute cushion cover for my own home and sealed the opening with some lovely wooden buttons that i had spare. It is such a happy looking pillow and is just like a rainbow. It has certainly brightened up our living room. I am getting a bit fed up of the browns/creams that we put in there now and am thinking that i should let it become an area of all things vintage and eclectic.
The cover that i am working on at the moment is a combination of cream, teal, grey and burnt orange and is absolutely gorgeous - i still cant believe how soft the wool is and will be sorry to see it go, but i just know that whoever buys it will have a super one off piece for their own living space.
We are off on holiday on sunday to the lovely Isle of Anglesey, which isn't far for us to go, but is very nice all the same. We get to stay in a gorgeous house right on the Menai straights and the bedroom that we stay in overlooks the water. There is nothing nicer that opening your curtains and seeing and hearing the water right there, it is so relaxing. i will be sure to post some pictures as soon as i return.

Monday, 31 May 2010


Well may has been a very busy month for me, i have been busy organising my daughter Rosies birthday party for 10 crazy 5/6 year olds, as if it wasn't bad enough my husband decided to give them all coke just before we started the pinata! (10 wired children running around our small garden with a stick and a blindfold - not a good idea!) note to self - have a swim party next year. I have also been trying to come up with some new ideas for cute little amigurumis, and was inspired by a phonecall from my sister-in-law who lives in southern france, so i made a french bear, and what better to call him Pierre, which rhymes with bear!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Busy week!

This week has been very busy for me, especially the weekend. On sunday i made an afternoon tea party for me, James and Rosie. It was delicious if i do say so myself!!! we had egg sandwiches, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, rosemary scones with cream cheese and parma ham, lemon shortbread and a victoria sponge washed down with some earl grey tea. I started making it at 8am and worked non stop until we sat down to eat it at 4.30pm. I actually thought it would be easy to do!! It was worth all the hard work though as it tasted lovely.
I have been busy crocheting too, and have been busy making 'Apple Jackets' which are now for sale in my Folksy and Etsy shops. They are really funky and i have really enjoyed making them, and even James has been taking his work apple in a red one i made just for him! Now i have made the pattern for the apple jackets i can get cracking on the crocheted food i have been dying to get around to.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Food glorious food!!!

That is what i shall be crocheting next - an assortment of sweet treats such as donuts and cupcakes, i am planning on coming up with a really good cupcake pattern (i nearly typed recipe then!)and then decorating it in fancy beads and other things to make it look like it has loads of sprinkles. I have got into the cupcake thing recently as it is soon Rosies 6th birtday and i have ordered a gorgeous cupcake book which is full of the most amazing cupcakes you could imagine (i am salivating at the thought of them...)and what better way to try to keep the inches off the waistline than to crochet them instead of eating them. In the photo is the little cutie i made last year.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Ta da!!

At last - Mario mushrooms complete, you will have to excuse the rubbish pictures the light was quite bad as i haven't got access to my usual picture taking spot! I will be taking pictures for Folksy and etsy tomorrow i think, so i can get these bad boys for sale in my shops. I am thinking of selling them as a complete set of 4 and also selling them individually incase there is a particular mushroom that people want.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nearly there......

With thoes blasted mario mushrooms!! i have completed the 'power up' (red with white spots), 'super mega' (yellow with red spots) and 1-up (green with white spots) and only have 'super mini' (tiny one which is blue with white spots) to go! i am really happy with how they have turned out and in my own, James and Rosies[slightly biased] opinion they are marvellous.Rosie even has one on her bookshelf!
Well, i actually went ahead and had my haircut!! i haven't been to the hairdressers in years and wasn't quite sure what to expect - a few of my friends had advised me to have it done at a really good salon the first time to make sure it is spot on and then to find somewhere else a bit cheaper for the upkeep. I had decided that i was due a radical change, as i have been bored with my hair for years, it was halfway down my back and i always had it tied back as it is so thick and heavy. I was also a bit fed up with the colour, which is my natural dark brown. I am now the owner of a short dark blonde bob - which i am absolutely thrilled with, it is sooooo easy to style and looks great without much effort. I was at the hairdressers for nearly 4 hours and must admit that i nearly collapsed when i went to pay and it came to the tune os £161!! but even James said it was worth it.
We had a fabulous day at the zoo last Thursday and i came away with lots of ideas for some more amigurumi (now the dreaded mushrooms are out of the way!) i am thinking of making a tiger, which was Rosies favourite animal there - she even had her face painted as a tiger bless her - she looked so cute doing her scary tiger face!! x (the photo was pre-haircut in case you were wondering!)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I am super tired today, my husband and i walked 7 miles around a dam today as part of my get fitter regime. It was hard going, especially when i looked at the map and found we were only a quarter of the way round, after wht felt like we had walked for ages! we took Hamish wth us and bless him, he was absolutely exhausted (i suppose it's a long way to go when your legs are only about 3 inches long!) he had a right old adventure amongst the moorland though and was the happiest i have ever seen him! Looking at him now though - he is fast asleep on the chair next to me!
I am struggling a bit with my mario mushrooms, trying to get the caps to fit the stalk is proving harder than i first thought and was getting a bit frustrated with them before, but i will persevere and am sure i will get there in the end.
I have been looking through a a book i brought a while ago about making fabric flowers and have been busy designing some corsages that i may have a go at making when i get round to it (i think the mushrooms will be the death of me!) i will post pictures of them when they are finished.
I will be heading off to the shops tomorrow to buy some things to make a picnic with as we are off to Chester Zoo on Thursday and i can't wait (i think i'm more excited than Rosie). I have always loved the zoo, and used to make James take me even before we had Rosie. I am hoping to be inspired by some of the animals i see to give me some more amigurumi ideas!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Mario Mushrooms

After yet more agonising on what to make next - i have decided to crochet some supermario mushrooms!!!!! Rosie is totally addicted to the game and plays it for hours on her ds, so what better to make than a 1-up, power up, super mega and super mini mushroom. I will be strting these a bit later on today and will post piccies on completeion!
I hope you have had a good easter - i decided to make a bakewell tart the other day to last us through as a bit of a treat, but unfortuantely it only lasted about 12 hours thanks to James (i can't blame him - it was delicious!) - i think i will be making another one soon.....

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

1st sale on Folksy!!!!!

I am really chuffed today, i got home from work to find that i had sold my first item on folksy - it was a Hootie Mc cutie owl! so i have packed it ready for posting, only i am a little disappointed as my craft boxes haven't arrived yet so i had to make do with a recycled box :( but never mind!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Busy day!

Well today has been a very, very busy day for me! i have been listing things on etsy and folksy all day now and learning how to take better pictures of all my amigurumis with the new camera so i am well and truly ready for my bed! i went for a lovely walk just before with a friend of mine and it was just so nice to be out in the fresh air with Hamish. Hamish hasn't been getting out as often as he should in the winter months due to the dark nights and weather, so he has put on a few pounds (and me too!) so we are just getting back on track now!
At the moment i am designing a new amigurumi tortoise, it is pale green with a gorgeous hot pink (to make the boys wink) shell - Lovely!! piccie to be added upon completeion x

Friday, 19 March 2010

Im back!!!

After what seems like months since posting, i am back into designing and making amigurumi! i have been very busy recently with my day job (boooo) as there are big changes coming. To be honest i am just grateful to still have a job, with all the redundancies that i have been hearing about recently.
To my husbands relief I have transported all my crafting materials up to our attic conversion, which acts as a sort of warehouse for all my fabric, wool and stuffing etc.I was starting to take over the house and it got to the point where we were eating our evening meal watched by a box full of amigurumis!
one of my main problems with placing things on etsy has been my picture quality, as the flash on our camera decided to break down last year. I have been using the camera on my phone, which is fine, but it is soooo small and awkward to use.I have been after getting a camera for ages now, but never seem to have the spare cash to actually go out and get one. To my surprise on mothers day Rosie presented me with a little bag, and in it was - yep, you guessed it, a camera!!!! i was so pleased with it and haven't been able to stop using it!
Lately my amigurumi making has really picked up again, and i have been really, really busy making a tortoise, some lovely octopus and three cute owls which will definately be going up for sale in my etsy shop. i am really pleased that i have my new camera as now people will be able to see the stunning coulours i have used to make them.