Tuesday, 23 March 2010

1st sale on Folksy!!!!!

I am really chuffed today, i got home from work to find that i had sold my first item on folksy - it was a Hootie Mc cutie owl! so i have packed it ready for posting, only i am a little disappointed as my craft boxes haven't arrived yet so i had to make do with a recycled box :( but never mind!


  1. This little owl really is a cutie, I love owls!

  2. I can't stop making them in all different colours!!! but i must branch out and make other things.....

  3. I saw all the others below and they are fab too, look like they would be quite tricky to make. I recently got my first sale on folksy and it was an owl too but very different style from each other (not sure why or how I am following you twice but when I figure it out I will delete the blank picture one!)