Saturday, 20 March 2010

Busy day!

Well today has been a very, very busy day for me! i have been listing things on etsy and folksy all day now and learning how to take better pictures of all my amigurumis with the new camera so i am well and truly ready for my bed! i went for a lovely walk just before with a friend of mine and it was just so nice to be out in the fresh air with Hamish. Hamish hasn't been getting out as often as he should in the winter months due to the dark nights and weather, so he has put on a few pounds (and me too!) so we are just getting back on track now!
At the moment i am designing a new amigurumi tortoise, it is pale green with a gorgeous hot pink (to make the boys wink) shell - Lovely!! piccie to be added upon completeion x

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