Monday, 5 April 2010

Mario Mushrooms

After yet more agonising on what to make next - i have decided to crochet some supermario mushrooms!!!!! Rosie is totally addicted to the game and plays it for hours on her ds, so what better to make than a 1-up, power up, super mega and super mini mushroom. I will be strting these a bit later on today and will post piccies on completeion!
I hope you have had a good easter - i decided to make a bakewell tart the other day to last us through as a bit of a treat, but unfortuantely it only lasted about 12 hours thanks to James (i can't blame him - it was delicious!) - i think i will be making another one soon.....


  1. that looks so scrummy!!!
    Your little creatures are very cute,
    pam x

  2. Thanks Pam! i am in the process of getting the ingredients together for another bakewell - just hope it lasts a bit longer this time x

  3. I could just eat a piece now!