Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nearly there......

With thoes blasted mario mushrooms!! i have completed the 'power up' (red with white spots), 'super mega' (yellow with red spots) and 1-up (green with white spots) and only have 'super mini' (tiny one which is blue with white spots) to go! i am really happy with how they have turned out and in my own, James and Rosies[slightly biased] opinion they are marvellous.Rosie even has one on her bookshelf!
Well, i actually went ahead and had my haircut!! i haven't been to the hairdressers in years and wasn't quite sure what to expect - a few of my friends had advised me to have it done at a really good salon the first time to make sure it is spot on and then to find somewhere else a bit cheaper for the upkeep. I had decided that i was due a radical change, as i have been bored with my hair for years, it was halfway down my back and i always had it tied back as it is so thick and heavy. I was also a bit fed up with the colour, which is my natural dark brown. I am now the owner of a short dark blonde bob - which i am absolutely thrilled with, it is sooooo easy to style and looks great without much effort. I was at the hairdressers for nearly 4 hours and must admit that i nearly collapsed when i went to pay and it came to the tune os £161!! but even James said it was worth it.
We had a fabulous day at the zoo last Thursday and i came away with lots of ideas for some more amigurumi (now the dreaded mushrooms are out of the way!) i am thinking of making a tiger, which was Rosies favourite animal there - she even had her face painted as a tiger bless her - she looked so cute doing her scary tiger face!! x (the photo was pre-haircut in case you were wondering!)

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