Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I am super tired today, my husband and i walked 7 miles around a dam today as part of my get fitter regime. It was hard going, especially when i looked at the map and found we were only a quarter of the way round, after wht felt like we had walked for ages! we took Hamish wth us and bless him, he was absolutely exhausted (i suppose it's a long way to go when your legs are only about 3 inches long!) he had a right old adventure amongst the moorland though and was the happiest i have ever seen him! Looking at him now though - he is fast asleep on the chair next to me!
I am struggling a bit with my mario mushrooms, trying to get the caps to fit the stalk is proving harder than i first thought and was getting a bit frustrated with them before, but i will persevere and am sure i will get there in the end.
I have been looking through a a book i brought a while ago about making fabric flowers and have been busy designing some corsages that i may have a go at making when i get round to it (i think the mushrooms will be the death of me!) i will post pictures of them when they are finished.
I will be heading off to the shops tomorrow to buy some things to make a picnic with as we are off to Chester Zoo on Thursday and i can't wait (i think i'm more excited than Rosie). I have always loved the zoo, and used to make James take me even before we had Rosie. I am hoping to be inspired by some of the animals i see to give me some more amigurumi ideas!!

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  1. Good for you for starting the fitness regime! Hamish will love it too!