Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New things

lately, i have been thinking of lots of new things to make. I hve purchased a huuuuuuge amount of wool and am now in the process of making some really luxurious cushion covers for my etsy/folksy shops! The wool that i have ordered is debbie bliss and is 100% pure merino wool and it is an absolute joy to crochet with as it is so soft (and no squeaking whatsoever, not like with acrylic yarn). I am now a stealth crocheter!!
To use up some of my (rather large) acrylic wool stash, i made a really cute cushion cover for my own home and sealed the opening with some lovely wooden buttons that i had spare. It is such a happy looking pillow and is just like a rainbow. It has certainly brightened up our living room. I am getting a bit fed up of the browns/creams that we put in there now and am thinking that i should let it become an area of all things vintage and eclectic.
The cover that i am working on at the moment is a combination of cream, teal, grey and burnt orange and is absolutely gorgeous - i still cant believe how soft the wool is and will be sorry to see it go, but i just know that whoever buys it will have a super one off piece for their own living space.
We are off on holiday on sunday to the lovely Isle of Anglesey, which isn't far for us to go, but is very nice all the same. We get to stay in a gorgeous house right on the Menai straights and the bedroom that we stay in overlooks the water. There is nothing nicer that opening your curtains and seeing and hearing the water right there, it is so relaxing. i will be sure to post some pictures as soon as i return.


  1. Those are so pretty! I like the top one. And I love you amigurumi, they're so cute!

  2. jejjjj, i love ur blog !
    is really interesting !
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  3. Hi Tiffany, love your crochet , very nice. I am also from Wales- Port Talbot. Blessings. Maisie.