Saturday, 23 May 2015

I'm back!

Yes, you read that correctly - after an absence of what feels like forever (nearly 5 years) I have picked up my yarn and hook and am crocheting like a mad thing to re-ignite my ETSY and Folksy store. The last few years have seen many many changes for us, for starters my beautiful 5 year old daughter is now 11!!! Wow, where did that time go........not only this, she now has a little two year old munchkin brother following her around everywhere. Hamish is still as grumpy and crazy as ever and I am now the proud owner of a first class honours degree in management and business, which I hope will come in handy for my new ETSY shop offerings. However, it has not been all happiness - sadly I have been unfortunate to lose both my step father and my mother to cancer within the space of 8 months, which was a very difficult time for us all, but whatever doesn't kill you and all that...... Anyway, that's enough chatter for now - just thought I'd check in and let you know that I will be posting regularly and showing off some new projects I am currently working on As well as giving you a peek into the lively and colourful world of Rosieplumpton 😀